I’m still alive tonight

I’m still alive tonight
I can feel my heart beating
Emotions on the surface of my skin
I can hear my breathing
Wind upon those bedsheet sails
Spirit broods over the deep
I see an image of my Father
And he bids me:" Come and sleep"
No one is sleeping down the hallway
No one is here beside me now
And the loneliness
like a fever
Is hot upon my brow
I know life is more than just survival
But that’s all that I can see
I’m still alive tonight
And that’s good enough for me



4 thoughts on “I’m still alive tonight

  1. 呵呵,我有一段没有更新blog了,这一段没怎么看片子,没什么时间整理,写了告诉你啊,:)

  2. 本来做了一个麦田和鸟的桌面准备送给你,不过,你喜欢暗的,那个太亮了。只好作罢了!呵呵! 

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