Something about 24 Season 5

At first I want to say I really enjoy the last 4 seasons of 24, even though the Chinese actors are really not so pro in season 4. Their accent shows that none of them is a Chinese or even lived in China. They put China on bad position but I think it’s reasonable in some sense. Because there was a case about Li Wen He who was indicted for leaking nuke info to China Gov. ( Li was released later because He never did it)
  I am searching for some info about Season 5 today and I found there is a rumor about the villain in Season 5 will be the China Govenment.
This is one of the posts:
"Everyone is wrong whats going to happen in season 5 is Chinese are going to team up with North Korea and get 7 Nukes for all the major cities and they will kidnap Kim and Jack will come out of hiding then JAck is going to save the world again but Kim will die and for revenge Jack makes China and N. Korea vanish off Earth he will go thru and kill all 1.5 Billion of them. Then he is still gonna be pissed and for the last season( Season 6) Jack will be the terrorist how sweet would that be. Jack pulls a Steven Saunders from season three and feels America betrayed him and starts strapping bombs to little kids and letting viruses out and then him and Palmer are going to have this huge fight scene and Palmer will die. Then Jack will turn into Scarface and start doping out on Heroin again and taking massive amounts of bullets because thats the only convincing way Jack will die. If he has about 35 pounds of lead in him. Once Jack is dead Habib Marwon in Muslim Heaven will try to kill all the people in Christian heaven and Jack will save Heaven.


If that’s true I don’t kown if I would see it.

It is just a teleplay but it’s not so easy to ignor this. However, no one will too angry because it is only played for American. Hoping it’s only a rumor.


One thought on “Something about 24 Season 5

  1. just want to say hey i was hoping u can tell more about the show or just want to talk well joyday

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